Bear Valley Music Festival Housing Donation Q and A


Q. Who would be staying in my home?

A. Our Symphony musicians. They are both male and female, young and old and come from as far away as the East Coast. Given the intense rehearsal and performance schedule for the musicians, it is essential that they be provided with local housing.


Q. What is required to donate housing?

A. The musicians need a private bedroom and preferably access to a private bathroom. They also make their own meals and need access to a kitchen including some refrigerator space.


Q. Do I need to cook for the musicians during their stay?

A. No. Musicians are responsible for their own food during their stay. They may want to do some cooking for themselves, so access to a kitchen and some refrigerator space is needed. Some housing donors enjoy including their guest musicians in family meals so certainly offer that if you choose.


Q. Will I need to entertain or show the musician around during their stay?

A. No. Musicians, while not in rehearsal or performing, will be on their own. Many have activities they enjoy in Bear Valley including spending time outdoors and with other musicians.


Q. How long will someone be staying?

A. In 2024, most musicians will be arriving on Sunday, July 21st and departing on Monday, August 5th (tentative). We may receive requests to arrive a day earlier or stay an additional night, but that would be approved in advance with the housing donor.


Q. Do I need to be there while a musician is staying?

A. No. Music Festival staff will show them into your home if you are not there and get them settled. The Festival will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire prior to the musician arriving to communicate specific information about your cabin or condo.


Q. Can I be there while a musician is staying?

A. Yes. It is perfectly fine to be at your home while a musician is staying, as long as musicians have a private bedroom and preferably access to a private bathroom. Sharing your home with a symphony musician can be a wonderful experience.


Q. Will my home be cleaned before or after the musicians depart?

A. Yes. You may choose to have a professional, Festival-paid cleaner to clean your home one time either before or after the musician’s stay. Your home will be well cared for.


Q. What are the benefits of donating housing?

A. There are several broad and specific benefits to donating housing including:

·       — Providing much needed support of the Festival. The Festival could not continue without the ongoing support of the community. Housing is a critical need each year.

·       Relationships with musicians. One of the benefits is the friendships that can develop with the musicians that stay in your home. Many housing donors develop friendships with their musician guests and request to have the same guest year after year. If you have children, this can be a wonderful way for them to experience professional music. Who knows what that might inspire!

·       Invitation to the annual Donor Party. The Donor Party is wonderful event held each year typically in a Bear Valley cabin. It is a chance to mingle with other donors in a relaxing cocktail party setting.

·       House cleaning. Lastly, the Festival hires professional cleaners to clean your cabin or condo either before or after the musician stay. Many homeowners have commented that “they did a better job than I do myself”. It’s always nice to have someone else clean your place.


Q. What else do I need to provide?

A. We ask that housing donors provide linens for the beds, towels and access to the Wi-Fi if available. Linens and towels may be washed by the cleaning service after departure if you choose.