Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the festival in Bear Valley?

We are in the village of Bear Valley, not the ski area. As you turn into Bear Valley (between the wood Bear sculptures), proceed to the first stop sign. Turn right and proceed to follow the road, past the first parking lot, as it curves around to the left until you spot the Big White Tent.

Where do I Park?

More than ample parking is available at Bear Valley.  You may park on the side of the road in the village near the Big White Tent.  There are two main parking lots, one near the entrance to Bear Valley on your right as you enter, and one in front of the library, just adjacent to the Big White Tent.  You may not, however, park in the parking areas in front of the condos, as those are reserved for tenants.  We’ve never had complaints about not having a place to park!

Is a Shuttle available to get to Bear Valley?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer shuttle service as the demand was insufficient to make it financially feasible. We suggest you contact Angels Cab, Calaveras Connect, Murphy’s Taxi Service,  or if you have a group, Gold Rush Tour Company. 

Do I need a flashlight?

It does get VERY dark at Bear Valley after sundown.  While there is ample lighting around the Big White Tent area, you might consider bringing some extra illumination if you think you might need it.

Where can I eat?

You may soon pre-order a meal for most shows on the Music Festival Ticket website.  There are other local eating options on the  Bear Valley Food web page.

Can I tailgate?

Sure!  There are a number of patrons who tailgate before the performances, some with quite a professional spread, and some with a couple of chairs and sandwiches.  There’s plenty of room!  Arrive early and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while you dine al-fresco!

Are there concessions available?

Yes!  Prior to, during the performance, and at intermission we have drinks (both soft and adult) and snacks available for purchase.

Where can I stay?

There are a number of places to stay both in, and close to, Bear Valley.   Please read our Where to Stay web page.

What about Covid?

All Covid protocols mandated by Alpine County and the State of California will be followed to the letter.  For the latest information, please see our Covid web page.

Are the concerts family friendly?

Yes, all of our concerts are designed to be family friendly.  Of course, it is up to the parents to decide if the content is suitable for the age range of the children.

Are there any access problems for people with disabilities?

From the parking lot all the way to your seat is flat, however the pavement can be uneven in some places. There is designated parking for those with disabilities in front of the tent.  We have a restroom reserved for those with disabilities.

Are there assisted hearing devices available?

Not at this time.

Is it safe to leave food in my car?

While Bear Valley IS in a very open forest in the Sierra Nevadas, animals tend to stay away from the concerts at the festival.

What other things can I see on my drive up to Bear Valley?

The Highway 4 corridor from Angels Camp all the way to Bear Valley has many towns and activities.  Tour the historic sights of Angels Camp, the home to Mark Twain’s “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”.  Stroll through historic Murphys for great restaurants and shopping.  Stop at the many wineries between Angels Camp and Bear Valley.  You will have fun both driving to Bear Valley as well as your return down the hill.

Are there really bears in Bear Valley?

Yes, there are Black Bears in and around Bear Valley, although odds are you won’t see one.  In the 54 years of the Music Festival, not one has graced us with their presence.

Is there WiFi available?

There is free WiFi available at the Bear Valley Lodge and at the Bear Valley Library.

Is there cellular service available?

There is, depending on which service you have, the type of phone you have, and the phase of the moon!  Most people enjoy not having cell service during the festival.  And if you need to, you can use your phones cellular-over-WiFi over the Lodge and Libraries free WiFi.

Is there a store available?

There is a very small general store in the Bear Valley Lodge, and a small general store at the Gas Station near the entrance, but your best bet is to stock up in Arnold at the Big Tree Market.

How is the drive to Bear Valley?

The Highway 4 corridor from the Gold Country up to Bear Valley is one of the most beautiful drives in California.  The two lane highways is VERY well maintained, and is truly “the road less traveled”, which adds to the charm of the area.

What about bringing my pet?

Please read our Dog Policy web page for information about pets at the festival.

What do most people wear to concerts?

Whatever you want!  The beauty of the Bear Valley Music Festival is that we’re all about you doing you.  Some people come straight off a hike, others like to dress up a little bit … but it is really is casual.